The Wheel

Gotta get off this rock!
The Wrecking Crew try to leave VIOS 1

To repair this cargo hauler to get from Vios 1 to Vios 2, the crew has to pull gear from the machine shop for Jericho. During the repair process, Corvis rebooted as KryptoNoc… and now it’s telling them there’s an Emergency at the Fuel Dump.

However, it won’t describe the nature of the emergency.

Since they need the AI to get off the rock, they agree to go check it out. and of course, BUG ATTACK!

After the bug fight, they realized the new AI was hostile, and had to fight their way past sentry droids to the mechanical shop. It was a robot ambush and an all out gun battle resulting in a nearly deactivated GNS8 and a bunch of Stimpack needs for the organic team.

Meanwhile, Jericho is still working on the cargo ship they’ll use to reach orbit, and hopefully join the Reom strike force..

Waaaaud is going ON?!?!?!
The Crew encounter an Inquisitor

While the Crew face off against the Pirates and the Inquisitor, Jericho and Kahn are back at the stolen Imperial Dropship.

As blasters and lightsabers flare in the corridor, a word over the Comlink tells the team that they’re moving the Safe (full of Cyber Crystals)… but Jericho is setting the Dropship to blow up.

WHAT?”, yells Ta’ko into the Comlink, “Blowing up THE SHIP? How the Frak are we going to get out of there? That’s the only ship…” He pauses, looking thru the fog of war toward the glowing red blade. “… or is it.”

Sgt. Gwydian calls out for everyone to fall back, GNS8 takes a repeating blaster shot at the Inquisitor, and Vengg runs to the other side of the door.With a command to Stat DigSight to close the bulkhead, they form up a plan. They run.

And crash the GravSled.

Leaving the wreckage on foot, they head toward another hub that may have an old forgotten ship they can use. They get word that Reom and his strike force have arrived in the system, but have not approached the planet yet. After a full 8 hour hike thru the tunnels beneath the surface, they camp around the heat of Vengg’s Fusion Lantern.

Finding their way to the protosite, the original mining facility, they are warned by StatDigSight to be wary of Corvis, the first AI on Vios. Turns out that Corvis is amenable enough, and they negotiate a path toward a docking bay that holds a ship they might be able to use to get off-world.

The landing pad is teeming with Dire Maggots; the Ferro that infest the planet. While Vengg and GNS8 engage in a bug hunt around the dock terminal, Ta’ko, Jericho and Kahn get on the computer to check on the ship.

Between bugs, droids, and bad dice rolls… it took ’em forever to reach the old ship. And now, the repairs begin…

Deals with Machines
An Uninvited Guest

The hive of the Faru was disturbed, their queen had been shot, sending the shelled drones and the pincered warriors up into the cracks of Vios station in a frenzy. They found themselves caught in a robot graveyard, where dark drilling drones collected fifteen years of dust. Ta’ko, Gwyden, and Auggie a survivor from the imperial workforce, raced through the chamber towards the grav lifts, where GN and Venng awaited them. The scramble was precarious, the floor was uneven, the lights were dark, and the Faru warriors began attacking in swarms. Though not individually lethal, in large groups they proved dangerous. However, quick thinking by Venng and GN aided their escape. Mining drones were toppled, creating a choke point for their companions to run through. And GN turned the grav sled lights on the chamber, allowing Ta’ko and company to better navigate around the threats. They raced to the cab and packed into the sled.

It was a three hour trip back to the node which they landed in. Shy’lum, Jericho, Khan and Tarova stayed behind to guard the Imperial Drop Ship. As the group returned successful in their bargain with Stat-Digsite, the A.I. hailed them on the comms, and had an interesting report to deliver.

Apparently the occupants of the rogue ship that landed and was subsequently followed by the Empire, had been caught fleeing their node towards Reom’s. As the Faru’s queen was destroyed, Stat-Digsite seemed to honor their bargain, preventing a group of armed me from penetrating their sector. They were currently on lock down in a service tunnel. Though an engineer amongst their ranks was working on the security system. They appeared to be smugglers, pirates, outlaw humans. The band was run by Young Carter and his cousin Mag. And they were quite unhappy with their current situation. Ta’ko opened com links to figure out how this could be played out. Young Carter and his crew had escaped with a load of illegal spices they were fixing on selling at the Wheel. Given that they were trapped, they offered a small portion of the spices in exchange for letting them out. After a failed negotiation attempt for a higher cut, the group decided that all of the spice was better than a portion of the spice, and prepared to assault the pirates.

Coordinating with Stat-Digsite, they set up in formation outside the blast door which had entrapped Young Carter and five of his men. The attack seemed to favor the attackers, and volleys of grenades were thrown into the cramped quarters. Just when it seemed Reom’s men were about to outlast the motley pirates, the blast door at the far end of the hallway raised.

It revealed a single, glowing, red blade in the darkness.

It's another Bug Hunt
Working for Stat DigSight...

Here on VIOS, the crew took the deal with the planet facility’s AI, “Stat DigSight”.

Hunting for the infested “bugs”, they followed the directions toward the Nest. Gwydion’s shot killed the Queen, but all hell has broken loose.

Venng and GNS8 have pulled up to the meeting point, as Gwydion and Tako run away from the swarm.

Young Carter, the pirate captain from the other ship the Empire has captured, has a crew of ‘dudes’ hiding out nearby. A team of freelancers often using Vios as a remote base, they’re known as smugglers to move in and out of Hutt space. They’re smuggling kilos of pleasure spice, their ship is lost, and they need help.

Tako ekes out a plan to negotiate for half of their smuggled drugs, but Young Carter wins the deal for 1/4. The Crew decide to take the guys out instead, and rig an ambush.

Mid-battle, the power is out and the hallways are full of smoke. Two pirates are down, and then we hear an unmistakable whine and a red beam of coherent energy, roughly a meter long, as it slices one bad guy’s head from his body.

Inquisitor Wauud has arrived.

Hide the Prize

Crossing the sulfuric lake behind Yav’s base was a dangerous affair. Anyone going overboard was headed for a bad time. Between sulfuric pockets and the occasional flash fire, the waters weren’t inviting. But what was waiting for them on the other side of the lake might have been worse.

Their small skiff was boarded by Imperial Troops aboard an amphibious vehicle. The entire gang was detained and put inside cells by Storm Troopers under the command of Inquisitor Waudd. They had taken over Yav’s excavation site across the lake from his hide out. And whatever it was he found down there was being loaded aboard an Imperial Drop ship in a 500 pound safe along with their clutch of prisoners. Which included Yav himself!

After a brief interrogation, the jig was up. Almost the entire group of space pirates are wanted by the Empire in some way. And they are being taken to an Imperial penal colony for processing. The Inquisitor travels with two drop ships, the prisoners and confiscated materials from the Yiyar base were taken in one. Once their drop-ship passed through the system’s asteroid belt, they came upon a familiar trap to some. Reom’s men, on their way to Verdanth, ran into some other space pirates, led by a fixer named Myrtle. He sent out a decoy freighter, emitting a distress code, lured in their prey then attacked them with multiple light fighters.

They tried the same ambush on Empire’s Drop-ships to different effect. The pirates were repelled and destroyed this time, even though they came in greater numbers. But there was a rogue element amongst the Troopers who would take an opportunity during this ambush to defect from the empire with a large prize. Sargent Gwyden Y -24, committed mutiny and imperial treason, and then made the leap to light speed when the opportunity arrived.

Reom had already paid the Sargent off enough to cover a modest living for his family for the rest his life. The good news was, their haul was going to make everyone there rich. Kyber Crystals, about 2 and a half 2 inch pieces, worth hundreds of thousands of credits. They were now meant to head to a criminal hideout located below the crust of an arctic planet. Vios was once host to an ambitious mining facility that spanned three of the planets continents. Thousands of miles of industrial tunnels were dug to accommodate the mining for blast steel composites. Unfortunately the facility didn’t produced enough yield to keep it running, and some fifteen years back, the Empire abandoned the faculty. Since then, its become a hideout for galactic criminals looking to lay low.

They were met on Vios by IT, the protocol droid that works for Reom. He and his servitor bots are maintaining the facility for the group while Reom sets up a buyer for the crystals and another ship to get them out of this system. The obvious problem with that, is eventually Inquisitor Waudd’s drop ship came out of hyperspace in Vios’ system and has been scanning the gas giant planet before headed further into the system. Jericho has taken control of a lot of the automated functions of the station. Gwyden’s scored two troops, a couple technicians and Yav as prisoners, while both Tarova and Khan will be arm wrestling for time in the imperial bacta talk.

After a couple days at the station, another ship enters the system, but on the other side of the planet and invisible to the Imperial ship out by the gas giant. The second ship is approaching Vios directly, and isn’t transmitting any familiar signals. We paused here, waiting to discover who was in that other ship and what they wanted on Vios.

It's Arbra Day!
A Hallmark Holiday in Space!

The Team find out that Murgo is pissed off about the loss of the Lago.

They know Arbra is a forested planet, but there’s no government. It’s used by smugglers and spies as a hideout. There’s only one real settlement there… the Boo Market. It’s not as dangerous as Choldana was, but it’s still a little sketchy and dangerous.

Ta’ko also remembers that Boo Market is run by Jubin and Burto, a couple of human traders and smuggling contacts.

Dropping out of hyperspace, they come up on the 4th planet of it’s system – Arbra. It’s similar in size and gravity to an M Class planet, with 2 Moons, and its foliage runs from bright yellow to deep reds. They call it the Eternal Autumn. A system scan shows GNS8 that there’s a light freighter leaving the planet, but no Imperial Forces and nothing that looks like pirates.

They opt to land in a clearing nearby instead of using the spaceport landing pad – even if it’s just to avoid fees and possible discovery. About 2 miles away, thru the forest, they gear and make the walk. Along the way, Tako feeds some local monkeys, thinking they may work like a natural alarm system – they’d scatter first if there’s an ambush.

They come up on the Market, finding parked ships at the perimeter of town, where local crew are doing maintenance and fuel supply. There’s a handful of crew working loader equipment, very few security (none), and the streets into the market seem as inviting as ever. It’s an opening cut into a mountain, where lights show the way.

After a few minutes wandering thru the market, GNS8 and Vengg recognize a group of Trandoshans they remembered from Yvar’s Clan of Thieves. the heroes duck into a market, separate, but keep an eye on both the Yvar thugs and each other. Kahn plants a tracking device on the goons, while Ta’ko heads off to find an Aleppi a cracked out Arms Dealer known as M, The Saboteur.

M sold them a bunch of grenades, but couldn’t help them find the YaYar Clan.

Meanwhile, Kahn, Tavora, and GNS8 went to find a chick named Mundy, to search for Force lore and ancient relics.

Tako meets with Jubin and Burto and arranges for a meeting with a member of the Yayar, to “make a deal”.

Spinning at the Wheel
Meetings, Deals, and Future Plans

The jump back to The Wheel was uneventful.And successful.

Back at ‘home’, the group split up for various repair and healing work. Tarova and Vengg went into the Bacta Tanks, while GNS8 stopped by a repair shop. With their recovery fee of 15,000 credits awarded… GNS8 repairs and modifies The Runner, while the others do some shopping.

Ta’ko bought a Medkit and another Stimpak, a Heavy Blaster Pistol (400), and

Not much has changed back at The Wheel, but Jericho and Ta’ko do some digging:
– The* Y’va* clan have not returned from their trip to pursue them, but there’s been no word on their status.
– Rebels, from Hoth, are here on an Escort trip to protect a Commander Paxton. Coming to pick up Dr. Crutella.
Captain Harsull goes into retirement, while the Survivors move to a farming planet.
Reom’s operation on Raxus Prime has ceased. It’s been looted and wrecked, and he’s lost many of his staff. He wants to put out a hit on the heads of the Y’va Clan.
IsoTech will benefit bigly from the technology and research, so he’s not all that bummed.
- The Black Sun is a criminal consortium that can maybe find Kyber crystals. I mean, if anyone can, it’s them.

They meet the Rebel Alliance agents, who are here to pick up Crutella. Everything goes smooth, and they all part as friends.

Tarova and Ta’ko go meet a guy named Zai, from the Black Sun, to discuss the black market opportunities to find somebody to repair a Holocron. They go to the Tazia’s Top Cafe. There, Ta’ko dazzles Zai with some witty repartee, as they get down to business.

Zai doesn’t have any Kyber Crystals, but maybe knows somebody on Coruscant.

After, they hear from Reom – Arbar is another planet in the Outer Rim where the Yvar Clan have an outpost. Reom wants the team to go there and ruin their lives. Recently, they’ve been fencing in their facility, and Reom’s intelligence says that it’s likely they’ve got some of his former equipment, and they’ve claimed it. He wants payback AND needs to act to save face. He gives us options :
- Murder Yvar
- Disrupt his operations & humiliate him
- Frame him in the eyes of the Empire

He then offered 1500 credits each on a successful trip to Arbra under cover identities to get in with the Clan.

In the meantime, somebody hacked the Docking Bay cameras and the Lago is missing. Reom tracks it to where is’t drifting in orbit, and The Runner heads out to rendezvous. The ship is dead, the hatches won’t open, and Ta’ko and Vengg try to open the docking hatch manually.

The ship had been destroyed from small arms fire and some kind of energy or vibro weapon. Everyone dead, violently (vorpal sword!), and even the Force Witch Kid from Raxus Prime’s tribal peoples torn to pieces. The Heroes altered the trajectory with a Tractor Beam and launched the Lago into deep space.

The Game is A foot!

Raxus Prime!

The Runner was crashed, somewhere on the shores of an ocean of junk and debris. Jawas lurked among the ruins of ten thousand years of galaxy conquest.

They headed, eventually, for Scraphead Point – the IsoTech Facility hidden in the mounds of ancient space craft hulls. While Praxus Prime is technically an Imperial Planet, all of the random factions have some kind of footing here. Our destination is one of Reom’s labs – where we’re supposed to drop off Dr. Crutala and her coveted bio-tech knowledge.

Disguising the good Doctor so she doesn’t look like her crew photos from decades ago, the team landed and went to meet their contact. As far as they knew, Roem’s people expected them to come back with lost technology… not the brains behind the science!

Norta, a chubby Rodian with a reputation among the Underworld, met them on the landing pad. Replaced after being blinded by a nasty chemical spray, Norta’s eyes are cybernetic implants. While Tako greets him, the Wookie* Tarova* scans his surface thoughts for any deviant motives. It seemed relatively legit, so… they all felt much more comfortable.

Norta escorted us inside, while GNS8, Captain Hursell, and Dr. Crutala stayed on the ship for safety. Tako, Vengg, IT, Tarova and Kahn proceeded inside. Tako and North hit the negotiation tables and Tako convinces the Rodian for a higher advance – 4,000 credits.

Norta was excited at having Dr. Crutala, to the point he even offered the Team some scavenge jobs in the junk yard. Yahoo. And Kahn, being the unsavory character that he is, used The Force to convince Norta that he’s already found the much-needed repair parts. Tako was not happy of the deception.

Apparently, The Longwalk Crew are a team of Jawas that circle the equator, and have a Force Witch traveling with them. Kahn and Tarova are interested!

Ship Repairs – 1500 Credits
Ship’s Countermeasures – 2700 credits.
Kahn traded a Crystal for 400 credits.
Leaving 200 credits change for Kahn.

Rosen, the planet’s expert mechanic, takes a look at the Runner to discuss improvements. Vengg and GNS8 worked out a plan for some renovations and upgrades.

Tako and Tarova went into the crew lounge, to mingle and search for some intrigue. He’s convinced, apparently, that if anyone is gonna make a move… it’s gonna come before Roem arrives.

Kahn went off to meet some nomads, apparently agreeing to some kind of charity deal.

Readying for Roem’s arrival, Tako, GNS8, and Vengg take Captain Hursell and Dr. Crutela (in disguise) to meet the ship. Tarova and Kahn stay on the Lago with the refugees and some weird sick kid in a Bacta tank.

And…. the shit hit the fan.

The Jawas at the loading dock threw off their masks and robes and were hidden Y’var spies! Brool, the Droid from the Lago, turned on the Team as well, engulfing Tako and Vengg in a flamethrower blast!

Engulfed in a flamethrowers blast, Tako stopped, dropped, and rolled for the entire fight, only to wake up in a medical lab, desperately needing a Bacta Tank. However, Roem was also here, was delighted to see the Team had brought Dr. Crutela. As the battle continued to rage between security and Y’var raiders.

Caught in the crossfire in the hangar bay after GNS8 set some explosive charges, Tako jury-rigged a hover cart for moving cover. Once everyone got into their ships (The Runner and the Lago) and took off, Roem’s ship also escaped the raid.

After clearing the planet’s atmosphere, they jumped to Warp Speed.

Get to the Chopper!
Running off to Raxus Prime!

With the Imperial ship overhead and it’s Scout Drones heading into the village, chaos ensues. Ta’ko tries to convince his shipmates to follow the Rodians and take over their ship, since their Intel has indicated their currently under crewed. GNS8 won’t leave his ship, but he’ll help with the Piracy.

GNS8 also reminds the crew that their primary mission (and obligation) is to retrieve the lost technology. And, what better example of that than Dr. Crutella herself. Ta’ko nods and tries to convince her to come with them, with Kahn backing it up with the Force. Crutella doesn’t buy it – she’s not leaving without the rest of the villagers.

So Ta’ko decides… " You need way to get your people off the plane? Lets take the Rodian ship!" And to prove his point, he shoots at one of the Rodians. And so does Kahn. And they both miss.

However, the Rodians surrender anyway, and the Heroes and the villagers call both the Nightflyer and the Lago to come do a group pickup. The Nighflyer won’t land, but the Lago starts on it’s way down… only to be hailed by the Imperial commander, who threatens them all. Everyone takes off at a run toward the Lago’s landing point, with Imperial Droids and Speeder Bikes harassing them along the way.

Despite the unexpected rubble of trees blocking the path to the landing clearing, the majority of the survivors escape! Boarding the Lago, the Heroes and the Survivors take off, heading toward where The Runner is parked.

Blasting off, The Lago and The Runner plan to head straight toward Raxus Prime. Considered the most toxic planet in the Galaxy, it’s also an important salvage yard for IsoTech. Ta’ko notices something weird -_ someone’s been on the ship while they were all planetside._

Reaching orbit, GNS8 makes the jump to the Raxus system, while the human crew search for sabotage! What they find is that someone has gone thru the ship, and therr personal effects, but no sign of a tracking device. Curtella hands over the secret plans, while her and Captain Hullsten spend the trip reading up on the news they’ve missed for 20 years.

Dropping out of Hyperspace, they’re greeted by Imperial Security demanding their ID. They identify the Lago and then both ships are pursued by Tie Fighters. Losing their tails in the caverns of junk, the Heroes head for the rendezvous with Roem’s people.

The Runner however, slams into a massive wall of junk and crashes. Stuck under the hulk of another ruined craft, the ship was stuck fast, requiring either a tow or hours and hours of digging out.

While waiting for the Lago to come back and get them, the crew send GNS8 out with the plans to hide amongst the junk… just in case the Empire finds them first.

Finding the Sal Nalaor's Crew, alive!

Ta’ko and GN8S, hearing trouble inside the wreck, went into the dark,ruined hull after their companions. Between the harrowing chasm and a Cybernetic Nexu attack, they were able to barely survive and retrieve Kahn.

However, The Wookie and Rodian were lost inside,hurt and trapped within the darkness.

On the way out, dragging a damaged GN8S, Ta’ko and Kahn found themselves suddenly prisoners of the Rodian raiding party. Captured and disarmed, they were paraded toward The Nightflyer, when a party of Aqualish led by Captain Harsull made their presence known.

Survivors! At least 30 of the original crew of the Sa Nalaor had built a Retreat Camp lined by blaster turrets and a 5 meter wall of wooden posts and fragments of ship hull. The Community has grown and survived, perhaps even flourished.

Ta’ko’s skills as a Negotiator came into play, backed by Harsull’s familiarity with IT, and Doctor Crutella’s memory of GNS8. After a night of interrogations and testimony, Ta’ko, GNS8 and Kahn were allowed to rest and recover, and then given a tour in the morning.

The retreat, or base, was rather remarkable – cages of Cybernetic Nexu, a virtual defunct vehicle garage, and a lab for Cybernetic enhancements seemed to be the highlights. Kahn tried to argue on the nature of enhancing the planet’s indigenous specifics with cybernetics, but Crutella defended her position.

They even had a Droid Shop, where GNS8 was given a once-over and quick rig job. We were also able to review the supply station, sentry towers, the medical tower, and even the camp’s generator. They even had a hangar, tho the only ship inside was a dereleict Seperatist shuttle.

“If the Empire is coming,” say Harsull, “Then we need to leave.”

Negotiations and conversations worked their way into the recovery and evacuation, and soon both Captain Harsull and Doctor Crutella were convinced. The Camp was prepared to board the Lago and the Runner.

And…then They arrived – The Empire… and it’s Scout Droids.

Captain Harsull loses his shit and blames the Heroes, but between Ta’ko’s inspirational speech (think Morpheus in the Matrix 2Cave Rave scene), they rally the survivors to head for the ships.

However, GN8S and Dr. Crutella were separated and found themselves in the Nexu Pens. Crutella lost her shit and threatened to release the Nexu, but GN convinced her just to run for it….


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