The Wheel

Cholganna bound!

Bug Infested Backwoods Shit Hole

Day 1
Orbiting this jungle-covered world hasn’t been one of the better trips of my life, but it could certainly have been worse. The Nebula frakked with our sensors so bad, that even the Bothan couldn’t figure out how to scan thru this cosmic soup.

Luckily, this also protected US from being discovered. We’ve got Rodian thugs on our asses, the greedy little bastards hungry for the bounty that *Roem*’s got us hunting.

The Droid, GNS8, spent most of the ride rebuilding himself, and somehow removing his legs was part of the process. While he was pretty much out of commission, I spent the long hours reading over what the cortex has on Cholganna and it’s dominant race of deadly feline beasts, the Nexu.

It’s inevitable we’ll come across one, and I only hope the Trandoshan comes out of his cabin in time to deal with it for us.

Sounds like the Bothan just spotted an Escape Pod down there, so we’re going to take a look. I’m going too suggest we wait for GNS8 to be back on his feet, literally, so it’s not just me and Kan on this Hunt and Rescue trip. It’s been there 10 years, so a couple more hours shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

Well, as long as the Rodians don’t find us first.



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