The Wheel

Escape Pod

The crashed pod... and swarms of bugs

Day 2
Well, we found the Escape Pod to the crashed ship.

Half sunken in a nasty bog and at the bottom of a crevasse, the twisted metal looked like it had been there a long time.

GNS8 and Kan climbed down using that rig I picked up on the Wheel. I stayed on the cliff’s edge, under some trees, covering them with this cumbersome Slug Rifle.

The thing was covered in swarms of nasty, stinging, poisonous bugs. Lucky for us, the Droid didn’t even flinch. Inside, he found a couple bodies, one of which wearing a Separatist Navy uniform. Since this thing crashed in the Clone Wars, it wasn’t a surprise.

He recovered their black box, and right before they climbed up… we heard engines overhead. I couldn’t tell if it was a planetary vehicle or a ship, but whichever… we headed back to The Runner.

Tracking the flight recorder of the Pod wasn’t that difficult, but after a couple hours, Kan and GNS8" found the *Sa Naloar. It’s blocked up a river, creating a lake of sorts, which is no doubt teeming with nasty man eating fish.

There were 5 in the pod, and 3 survivors. We weren’t sure where they were off to, but my guess is they headed back to the Sa Naloar. Lets hope they’re friendly after being stuck down here for a dozen years.



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