The Wheel

Finding the Ship

The Damned Sal Nalaor (dammed up a river)

After the Octopus Trees, we cleared the tree line. There was a nasty noise… and we turned to see a slew of nasty Nexu taking out the tree creatures.

IT called and asked us if we needed backup, but we thought best not to invite any more attention. At least not yet. However, he also let us know another ship was arriving – a Frigate from one of Roem’s allies. And, Bad News™. There’s also an Internal Security Bureau team in the area… hunting for the crashed ship for the Empire’s spoils.

The game is afoot!

The Sa Nalaor was difficult to enter, but eventually some of the exploration team made it inside. The new team, from the “Lago”, consisted of a Wookie, a Rodian, and a Droid wrapped up in a blanket(?!). GN86, Khan, and Tarova (the Wookie), went inside, while I stayed outside with Brool (droid) and the Rodian (Jeriko) to keep watch.

Inside, they recovered a Beacon that led to the rest of the ship… but we ran into a Nexu.

Brool’s Flame Projector lit the beast on fire and a few shots from my hunting rifle drove it back.

After some poor attempts at climbing back OUT of the wrecked engine compartment, we reunited the team, climbed into the Runner, and followed the beacon to the coordinates of the Cargo Hull portion of the crash.

Scanners picked up another ship in the orbit – likely The Nightflyer, the gunship sent by the Rodian mobsters.

GN86 landed gracefully next to the wreck and we climbed out to explore, almost immediately noticing the ship had been stripped for salvage AND covered in camouflage.

Nearby… a camp…


The camp was located just north of the stripped down ship. After a cursory search of the camp, the group discovered what appears to be a burial site with a grave marker covered in ~20 some odd names. GN86 recognized one of the names as a scientist from his memory banks…

Finding the Ship

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