The Wheel

It's another Bug Hunt

Working for Stat DigSight...

Here on VIOS, the crew took the deal with the planet facility’s AI, “Stat DigSight”.

Hunting for the infested “bugs”, they followed the directions toward the Nest. Gwydion’s shot killed the Queen, but all hell has broken loose.

Venng and GNS8 have pulled up to the meeting point, as Gwydion and Tako run away from the swarm.

Young Carter, the pirate captain from the other ship the Empire has captured, has a crew of ‘dudes’ hiding out nearby. A team of freelancers often using Vios as a remote base, they’re known as smugglers to move in and out of Hutt space. They’re smuggling kilos of pleasure spice, their ship is lost, and they need help.

Tako ekes out a plan to negotiate for half of their smuggled drugs, but Young Carter wins the deal for 1/4. The Crew decide to take the guys out instead, and rig an ambush.

Mid-battle, the power is out and the hallways are full of smoke. Two pirates are down, and then we hear an unmistakable whine and a red beam of coherent energy, roughly a meter long, as it slices one bad guy’s head from his body.

Inquisitor Wauud has arrived.



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