The Wheel

Gotta get off this rock!

The Wrecking Crew try to leave VIOS 1

To repair this cargo hauler to get from Vios 1 to Vios 2, the crew has to pull gear from the machine shop for Jericho. During the repair process, Corvis rebooted as KryptoNoc… and now it’s telling them there’s an Emergency at the Fuel Dump.

However, it won’t describe the nature of the emergency.

Since they need the AI to get off the rock, they agree to go check it out. and of course, BUG ATTACK!

After the bug fight, they realized the new AI was hostile, and had to fight their way past sentry droids to the mechanical shop. It was a robot ambush and an all out gun battle resulting in a nearly deactivated GNS8 and a bunch of Stimpack needs for the organic team.

Meanwhile, Jericho is still working on the cargo ship they’ll use to reach orbit, and hopefully join the Reom strike force..



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