The Wheel

Waaaaud is going ON?!?!?!

The Crew encounter an Inquisitor

While the Crew face off against the Pirates and the Inquisitor, Jericho and Kahn are back at the stolen Imperial Dropship.

As blasters and lightsabers flare in the corridor, a word over the Comlink tells the team that they’re moving the Safe (full of Cyber Crystals)… but Jericho is setting the Dropship to blow up.

WHAT?”, yells Ta’ko into the Comlink, “Blowing up THE SHIP? How the Frak are we going to get out of there? That’s the only ship…” He pauses, looking thru the fog of war toward the glowing red blade. “… or is it.”

Sgt. Gwydian calls out for everyone to fall back, GNS8 takes a repeating blaster shot at the Inquisitor, and Vengg runs to the other side of the door.With a command to Stat DigSight to close the bulkhead, they form up a plan. They run.

And crash the GravSled.

Leaving the wreckage on foot, they head toward another hub that may have an old forgotten ship they can use. They get word that Reom and his strike force have arrived in the system, but have not approached the planet yet. After a full 8 hour hike thru the tunnels beneath the surface, they camp around the heat of Vengg’s Fusion Lantern.

Finding their way to the protosite, the original mining facility, they are warned by StatDigSight to be wary of Corvis, the first AI on Vios. Turns out that Corvis is amenable enough, and they negotiate a path toward a docking bay that holds a ship they might be able to use to get off-world.

The landing pad is teeming with Dire Maggots; the Ferro that infest the planet. While Vengg and GNS8 engage in a bug hunt around the dock terminal, Ta’ko, Jericho and Kahn get on the computer to check on the ship.

Between bugs, droids, and bad dice rolls… it took ’em forever to reach the old ship. And now, the repairs begin…



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